ACME Client in Rust
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ACME Client in Rust

Acme client help:

$ acme-client --help
acme-client 0.5.0
Hatter Jiang <>
Acme auto challenge client, acme-client can issue certificates from Let's encrypt

    acme-client [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

        --check             Check cert config
    -h, --help              Prints help information
        --hide-logo         Hide logo
        --skip-verify-ip    Skip verify public ip
    -v, --verbose           Verbose
    -V, --version           Print version

    -a, --algo <algo>           Pki algo [default: ec384]
    -c, --config <config>       Cert config
        --dir <dir>             Account key dir [default: acme_dir]
    -d, --domain <domain>...    Domains
        --email <email>         Contract email
    -m, --mode <mode>           Mode [default: prod]
    -p, --port <port>           Http port [default: 80]
        --timeout <timeout>     Timeout (ms) [default: 5000]
    -t, --type <type>           Type http or dns [default: http]


  • 先将域名指向对应的服务器,保证服务器上的 80 端口可被互联网访问
  • acme-client --email --domain

使用参数 --config 时的配置文件示例:

  "certItems": [{
    "path": "dir_cryptofan_org",
    "dnsNames": ["", ""]

Cross build uses: